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Stone Circles & Standing Stones

For truly ancient history the local area can take you back through literally thousands of years of history.  The wonderful carved Pictish Maiden Stone near Inverurie is likely around 1300 years old and has a distinctive notch in the side where the Devil grabbed the shoulder of the fleeing maiden it is named after.  Of similar age are the carved Pictish stones at Tullich church yard just outside Ballater.

Moving back to around 2000 years ago and the Culsh Souterrain (or Earth House) lies just outside Tarland village and is one of the most accessible examples of the type.

Also close to Tarland is the fantastic Tomnaverie stone circle complete with recumbent stone.  At 4500 years old this puts you firmly in Bronze Age Scotland.  These are just a few examples of the many sites located very close to The Gordon.

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