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Our Morris Cars

During the summer months you may spot one of our two classic Morris cars driving around the village.  “Uncle Colm” our 1969 blue Morris 1800 was bought in 2019 from an owner in Derry, Northern Ireland.  The car started its life in Ely, Cambridgeshire.  The Morris 1800, sometimes nicknamed the Landcrab, was European Car of the Year in 1965 and was launched not too far from Ballater in Garve, north west of Dingwall.  For a car over 50 years old it boasts advanced features such as power steering, servo disc brakes and an early anti-lock braking system.  Many visitor reminisce about caravanning holidays in it as they proved pwoerful towing cars, though locally they were more often seen as either taxis or farm transport! Our more recent arrival is a 1963 Morris Minor 1000 2-door Deluxe.  This car was registered new in Aberdeen by Patrick Shinnie's Morris dealership and has not strayed from the North of Scotland in its entire life.

Prior to the two Morrises we have previously owned a 1955 Rover P4 '90', a 1957 Wolseley 1500 and a 1972 Mini 850.

Steve will happily tell any interested guests all about the cars and show them all around then.  Beth will rescue you if the conversation goes on too long!

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